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So you had a long day and you are looking forward to getting some rest. You get in your bed but you cannot get comfortable. Your mind is racing and you are worried about what tomorrow will bring. The longer it takes for you to wind down, the more anxious you get. This seems like a vicious cycle! Learn some simple tricks to break this cycle.

  1. Sleep hygiene :

Simple steps like limiting caffeine intake in the afternoon/ evening , maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and decreasing blue light exposure before sleep can help

  1. Relaxation exercises :

Mindfulness based relaxation exercises which include sleep stories , guided imagery , progressive muscle relaxation and breathing exercises can help clear your mind and improve sleep

  1. Natural supplements:

Natural supplements like melatonin, GABA, Passion flower, magnesium, valerian can help with improving sleep onset and quality

  1. Engaging your senses

Optimal temperature of the room, getting the right pillow / mattress , using aromatherapy ( example lavender essential oil ) , calming music and white noise can help with sleep onset

  1. Yoga

Performing few minutes of yoga before going to bed can help with winding down.

I believe that combining natural methods and judicious use of natural supplements or prescription medications under the care of a physician has the best chance of successful treatment of insomnia.

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