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  • You are required to keep a credit/debit card on file if you would like to utilize telepsychiatry services.

  • We are required to know your location, and telephone number at the time of the session. This is to ensure that your psychiatrist is aware of alternative means of treatment should an emergency occur.

  • You need to be physically located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington DC or California for all telehealth visits with Dr Feroze

  • You need to be physically located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Florida for all telehealth visits with Dr Fawad.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the visit is being conducted at a private and safe location at your end in order to maintain patient privacy and safety.

  • Please note WE CANNOT do an audio-visual or audio only visit if you are driving.


  • Medications will be refilled during your visit.

  • If a refill is needed in between appointments, please reach out to us via the patient portal, or call the office.

  • Please note we do not accept refills requests from the pharmacy.

  • Please give us 3 business days to either offer a follow up appointment and/or to process your refill request.


  • Federally controlled substance will not be prescribed in between visits.

  • Please note we cannot prescribe early refill for lost prescription of federally controlled substance.

  • Patients requiring a federally controlled substance need to be seen face to face for initial visit and then at least once every 2 years (this policy is currently suspended due to COVID19 pandemic as all visits are tele-health)

  • Any evidence of abuse or diversion of controlled substance will result in termination from practice


  • All payments including copays, co insurance and deductibles are due at the time services are rendered. For your convenience we accept  American Express, Check, Discover, Health Savings Account, Mastercard, Visa, Zelle

  • We require an active credit/debit card on file in order to provide telehealth services

  • It is your responsibility to verify coverage and benefits with your insurance company prior to your first office visit, and to know the limits and exclusions of your insurance coverage. All charges and outstanding balances are ultimately patient responsibility.

  • Any returned check with incur a charge of $35 to your account

  • We strive our best to be as accurate as possible with the payments, however deductibles / co-insurances are sometimes difficult to predict accurately. In those cases we send the payment link with our best estimate. Once EOB is received from insurance company, we will invoice the patients with any remaining balance. In the event you have over paid us, the balance will be applied toward your next visit or refunded if requested.

  • Invoices are due within 30 days of receipt via patient portal or email address on file. After 30 days we will run the CC on file. If the card declines, we will contact the patient. We will close the case if invoice is not paid or patient does not request a payment plan within ONE week of us contacting them via phone/ patient portal. 

  • We will send payment links for telehealth visits 1-2 business days before upcoming visits. Patients have the choice to use any credit card to make payment. That card does not get stored in our system. In order for us to maintain our work flow, we charge the credit card on file for any payments not made in advance on the morning of your telehealth visit. This allows us to contact you prior to your visit if the card is invalid/expired so that the actual time of your appointment is protected from administrative tasks


  • You will be charged a Missed Appointment fee of $50.00 for follow up and $100 for intake for any missed appointments or late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice).

  • 3 or more no shows may result in dismissal from practice.

  • Patients who are inactive in treatment for over 6 months will be considered to have voluntarily terminated their care


  •  Suburban Psychiatric Specialists is an outpatient practice and does not provide emergency services. 

  • You should call 911 or go to closest Emergency Room in case of psychiatric or medical emergency

  • We respond to messages left at our phone, email and patient portal messages within 1 business day

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