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S-ketamine works faster than other antidepressant medications. Many patient start feeling better after the first treatment.

S-ketamine or SPRAVATO® is the only Ketamine product approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression.

S-ketamine is covered by most insurance plans. We are in network with most commercial insurance as well as Medicare plans in Massachusetts.

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Whats is Spravato 

Spravato (S ketamine) is a revolutionary treatment for depression which has the power to alleviate symptoms of depression in hours (compared to weeks for traditional antidepressants). S-Ketamine is FDA approved to treat treatment resistant depression in conjunction with an antidepressant under direct supervision of a provider at designated Spravato clinics.

S-Ketamine therapy involves a series of small doses of nasal S-Ketamine spray. Clinical studies have found S-Ketamine effective for depression in adjunct to an antidepressant. The recent discovery of S-Ketamine's benefits for depression has made it one of the most sought-after medical treatments in recent times. The anesthetic has been used by doctors for decades, but its mental health properties were only recently discovered during research on how this drug affects moods and emotions.

S-Ketamine is a type of medication that starts working almost immediately. It reacts with NMDA receptors, stimulating glutamate activity and sending signals to other cells around the body which will result in regulating moods more effectively than before!

The Benefits Of S-Ketamine Therapy

S-Ketamine is beneficial for many people who have depression because it can improve their symptoms within hours as opposed to weeks. It also works fast - often only taking one session before patients experience relief! This doesn't mean they should stop seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist though; the initial results from some trials show how effective this treatment will be on follow-up visits too.

There is no way to predict how any single person will respond to S-Ketamine therapy. These effects may not be long-lasting and will most likely require further treatments. Other mental health disorders like PTSD and anxiety could be helped with Ketamine products, but so far it has only been approved by the FDA for Major Depressive Disorder.

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